EXCLUSIVE: Jared Evan – The New Prince Of Hip-Hop Blues

Originally posted on Hip-Hop News, Rumors, Rap Music & Videos |AllHipHop:

A direct line can be drawn between Blues and Hip-Hop. Legendary blues artists like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker, and B.B.King helped lay the foundation of using music as a cathartic remedy for life’s ills. That same concept spawned some of the early founders of Hip-Hop culture to incorporate everyday struggles of poverty, depression, and heartbreak into their raps. Forty years later and the tradition still continues in many of the emcees today.

One current performer has not just tapped into that Blues tradition in spirit, he fully embraces it. Singer/producer/rapper Jared Evan’s sound actively fuses the vocal techniques and subject matter associated with the Blues with the production style and rhyme cadence commonly used in Hip-Hop. The result of that combination is the 23-year-old’s latest project Boom Bap & Blues.

“It has the Hip-Hop elements that I have always loved, but it has the soul and…

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