EXCLUSIVE: Turk Speaks About Recent Lil Wayne Comments And His Issues With The Media

Originally posted on Hip-Hop News, Rumors, Rap Music & Videos |AllHipHop:

(AllHipHop Exclusive) Last week AllHipHop.com ran a story about a recent interview former Cash Money rapper Turk did with the G14 internet radio show. In the interview, Turk was asked his opinion about Lil Wayne’s motivation for his lyric “hoes love me like Satan” from the song “B*tches Love Me.” Turk’s answer began with him sharing his own personal experiences with drug use and left an impression that could be taken to mean Wayne’s choice of words was connected to being under the influence of controlled substances.

Turk later addressed the media’s coverage of  his comments in a tweet and through a press release stating that his words were taken out of context. AllHipHop.com was able to speak with Turk by phone so he could directly discuss the situation and clear up the matter.

In part 1 of AllHipHop’s exclusive interview, Turk explains his previous comments, his issues with…

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