Music Video Premiere: Maxwell Benson’s “Sadat X Is Back” Feat. Sadat X

DZI: The Voice


Producer Maxwell Benson premieres the new video “Sadat X Is Back”. The animated clip features vocals by former Brand Nubian member Sadat X.

The video serves as an homage to Hip Hop culture which celebrated its 40th birthday on August 11th. Sadat X appears as a secret agent on a mission to save the essence of real Hip Hop from the villainous “Clone Da Rapper”.

“I wanted to make a contribution, in my small way, to the culture and trying to bring it back to its roots,” Benson told DZI: The Voice in an exclusive interview. “I hadn’t listen to Sadat in years. Then for some reason I woke up one day and had a thirst to hear his Wild Cowboys album. I’ve always thought he has one of the best voices in the industry, and I have always appreciated the whole Brand Nubian crew.”

“Sadat X is Back” can be found on…

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