New Video: PairoDiceFlow & T.Cooke’s “Corleone”

DZI: The Voice

Francis Ford Coppola’s mafia saga The Godfather is considered by many film historians as the greatest motion picture of all time, so it’s understandable why the cinematic tale about the Corleone family’s triumphs and tragedies serves as inspiration for other artists’ work. Rappers Jar-El and Dolo of PairoDiceFlow teamed with T.Cooke to give their take on the classic crime drama in the video for “Corleone”.

“We wanted to put a modern-day twist on a classic motion picture while simultaneously bringing the song to life,” states T.Cooke. “Conceptually, the song itself was written out of respect towards Michael Corleone’s iconic character in The Godfather movies.”

Corleone Cover

In “Corleone”, the three Virginia rappers reenact the famous scene from the movie where the five heads of the New York mafia families meet to end their ongoing war. Jade Randles and Kimlonte Morris also star in the clip. The video was directed by Conscious Kane.

“It was equally important that we displayed a positive theme…

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