The Revolution Will Be Televised: Q&A with Rapper/Filmmaker Anyextee

DZI: The Voice


In 2011, millions of protestors took to the streets of Egypt to demand the end of President Hosni Mubarak’s 20-year regime. The eyes of the world were focused on the North African nation’s battle for freedom, but most of the West viewed the changes taking place there through the prism of the mainstream media.

The Egyptian Revolution and its aftermath has now been documented through a man on the street point of view thanks to filmmaker Anyextee. His documentary Egypt Through The Glass Shop follows the story of a young glass blower named Ben “Tsunami” Lukas. Tsunami provides his own footage taken during the revolution which Anyextee melds together with shots of Lukas’ journey back to Cairo in order to rebuild his business. The combination creates an alternative view of what came to be known as the Lotus Revolution.

Beyond directing Egypt Through The Glass Shop, Anyextee also serves as the CEO of Amalgam Digital where he…

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