Tim Nihan Overcame Drug Addiction To Become A Hip Hop Artist On The Rise

DZI: The Voice


Many musicians use their art as a therapeutic release for the battles waging within them. Often times, it’s the struggle with – and ultimately the defeat of – those inner demons that inspire some of the most potent expressive material to be created.

Hip Hop artist, singer, producer, and engineer Tim Nihan’s intrapersonal conflicts with addiction could have staled the talented performer from reaching his potential, but the Bostonian turned to a greater power for guidance. The result? Nihan found his passion and his voice.

“After a rough couple of years, an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship and a drug addiction, in an act of desperation, I asked God for help,” says Nihan. “And for the first time I was dealing with life, instead of escaping it. It was scary, but something about it was pure and beautiful. I was finding who I really was. Not only did my family, work and personal life start to grow…

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