New Video: Wes Dog’s “Father First”

DZI: The Voice

Wes Dog

Dallas rapper Wes Dog is using the visuals for his new video to shine a light on his most important job – being  a father. The Jeff Adair directed clip features Wes with his two sons.

“When I lost my father in 2010, I knew I had some big shoes to fill being the man of the family, cause now I have to not only be a father to my two boys, but to my nephews without dads in their lives as well,” says Wes Dog.

Wes begins the track by narrating the start of a day in his life as the head of his household. The rest of “Father First” includes rhymes about putting fatherhood ahead of his career and providing a righteous path for his seeds. The Texas representative also mentions the charge his dying father left to him about his role as a father.

“I think my…

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