Top 10 Albums of 2014

DZI: The Voice

Top Albums 2014

While 2014 may have been a down year for albums commercially, artists across genres still blessed millions of ears with musical collections that proved even without major crossover sales, art still prevails.

From passion-filled new wave R&B and much-needed introspective Hip Hop to boundary-pushing Pop and mind-altering Indie Rock, this year saw music acts continue to move the culture forward with exceptional creative works.

DZI: The Voice collected our picks for the albums that exemplify the best of what 2014 had to offer musically. Discover which ten LPs made the list and share your voice about this year’s best albums in the comments section.

10. Tinashe ~  Aquarius


Even with her platinum-selling smash “2 On”, Tinashe proved she didn’t just need DJ Mustard on the beat to craft a great song. Aquarius is an 18-track reinvention of the sultry, soft voiced brand of R&B/Pop promoted by Janet Jackson and Aaliyah. But the…

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