Leaders 1354 Teams With PONY For New Sneaker Collaboration

DZI: The Voice


Chicago boutique and fashion line Leaders 1354 connected with Product Of New York (aka PONY) for an exclusive collaboration. The new “LDRS” sneakers serve as an artistic symbol of the Windy City.

“The main inspiration for the shoe was Chicago and all that it embodies. We live and work in a city widely known for broad shoulders, hard work and perseverance and the elements that we’ve built into this particular sneaker relate directly to those aspects the city,” states Leaders’ Diego Ross. “It’s sturdy, yet stylish, flashy but not over the top. I believe that we succeeded in capturing the essence of both Leaders and Chicago with this one.”

The red laces on the shoes are a homage to the red carpet of the Bulls’ old home Chicago Stadium. The overall goal was to incorporate the classic 1970’s/1980’s sneaker silhouette into modern-day footwear.

“A lot of kids claim they’re sneakerheads but…

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