New Music: Daryn Alexus’ “Box”

DZI: The Voice


Right on time for Valentine’s Day comes the latest effort from Daryn Alexus. The R&B/Pop performer is using her new single “Box” to tell her fellow queens there is nothing wrong with letting the fellas know they have to earn that special gift.

“[‘Box’] is meant to encourage women to value their sexuality and not feel like a ‘prude’ for being selective, as society would have you believe in this day and age,” states Alexus. “I use the phrase ‘pretty little box’ to describe the female anatomy because that is exactly what it is. It is a gift and a blessing; It is the very place where human life is introduced to the world.”

The 4-minute tune was produced by Dee Lilly. Alexus also tapped Lilly for production on her 2014 album GREEN.


For more info about Daryn Alexus click it

To connect with Daryn follow her on Twitter @DARYNALEXUS and Instagram 

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